Jet Hand Dryer


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  • Unit Size11.4”Lx9.4”Bx25.5”H
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Power2000 (W) RPM-16000
  • Drying Time(sec)5-10 Sec.
  • Noise Level(dB)60dB.
  • Detective Distance(mm)50-200mm.
  • Wind Speed(m/sec)> >32m/Sec.
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AVRO hand dryers are the epitome when it comes to washroom hygiene products. One of the most sought after products in the market, the JET hand dryer is extremely effective and efficient.

Hand dryers are considered to be a much more effective and energy-saving solution to drying hands compared to paper towels. Doing our bit for the environment, the Jet uses just 2000W and has an auto-stop to prevent unnecessary use of power.

Simply place your hand inside the hand dryer and let it completely dry your hands in less than 10 seconds, with a wind speed of more than 32m/s!. A low noise level of just 60 decibels ensures that it does not interfere with the surroundings. The entirely No-touch experience makes hand drying even more hygenic.

Available in both Stainless steel and ABS plastic, AVRO hand dryers are engineered to last. Its brushless motors and LPX-1 Waterproof protection ensure its durability and resilience

Its unique design saves space in your bathroom and helps it look even more luxurious. AVRO Jet is very easily installable sparing you the hassle of long and complicated maintenance.

Saving you costs, washroom space and doing good for the environment, AVRO HD-15 is a must-have for your homes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, offices, factories, packaging units, malls, stores, airports or any such establishment.

Brushless Motor Waterproof Protection: LPX 1 Auto Stop General features: 1. Hand drying ensures complete hygiene. 2. High-speed brushless DC motor to produce jet airflow, drying your hands within 5-10 sec. 3. Built-in timer to prevent overuse. 4. Especially suitable for hotels, offices, airports, shopping malls, stores and other public places.

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