Air Curtains Commercial Series


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  • Unit Size : 2½ft , 3ft , 3½ft , 4ft , 5ft , 6ft
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Air Curtains Commercial Series

AIR curtains are devices that help create an invisible barrier of air that prevents the inside air to mix with the outside air preventing the loss of conditioned air and obstructing the entry of flies and dust.

They help create a blockade between your premise and the outdoors without the hassle of a door.

In segments such as cold rooms, restauarnts ,food processing units , dairy industries, packaging units, it is pertinent to not let the outside air contaminate the indoors.

With a diverse range of air curtains, each with their own velocity and suitability, AVRO air curtains are engineered to take care of your problems with ease.

Available in both MS Body and Stainless steel, they are engineered to last with almost zero maintenance!

AVRO air curtains also come with the option of a sensor which automatically turns the AIR curtain on detecting movement, therefore saving on the electricity bill as well as protecting the environment.

The air curtain is an essential product for your cold rooms, restauarnts ,food processing units , dairy industries, packaging units, factories, warehouses, shops, malls, offices or any other such establishment.


Sizes available : 2½ft, 3ft, 3½ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft
Also available in Stainless Steel body

Model Dimension Motor Power (W) Motor Power Air Velocity Suitable For Door Noise Level
Normal Velocity 10"Bx11"H 250W .33HP >15-17M/S upto 7ft < 70db
High Velocity 14.5"Bx11"H 375W .50HP >20-22M/S upto 8ft < 75db
Extra High Velocity 17"Bx13"H 650W .75HP >23-25M/S upto 10ft < 80db
Super Extra High Velocity 20"Bx15"H 750W 1HP >25-28M/S upto 12ft < 85db
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