Hand Dryer (HD-16)


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  • Unit Size11.2”Lx6.7”Bx9.6”H
  • MaterialS/S 304 (Non Magnetic)
  • Power2000(W)
  • Drying Time(sec)10-15 Sec.
  • Noise Level(dB)65dB.
  • Detective Distance(mm)50-200mm.
  • Wind Speed(m/sec)>>90m/Sec.
  • Auto Stop10 Sec.
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AVRO hand dryers are the epitome when it comes to washroom hygiene products. One of the most sought after products in the market, the HD-16 is extremely effective and efficient. It has a double speed motor for superfast drying!

Hand dryers are considered to be a much more effective and energy saving solution to drying hands compared to paper towels. Doing our bit for the environment, the HD-16 uses just 2000 W and has an auto stop at 15 seconds to prevent unnecessary use of power.

Simply place your hand underneath the hand dryer and let it completely dry your hands in less than 15 seconds, with a superfast wind speed of more than 90 m/s!. A low noise level of just 65 decibel ensures that it does not interfere with the surroundings.

Made of 304 grade Stainless steel , AVRO hand dryers are engineered to last. They have been repeatedly tested for durability and resilience.  

Its compact design saves space in your bathroom and helps it look even more luxurious. AVRO HD-16 is very easily mountable on your wall sparing you the hassle of long and complicated installations. It also comes with a hot and cold function which allows you to choose the kind of air you want as per your convenience.

Saving you costs, washroom space and doing good for the environment, AVRO HD-16 is a must have for your homes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, offices, factories, packaging units or any such establishment.

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